Workshop 1: Dundee

University of Dundee, Dalhousie Building, Room 2S13 Friday 12 September, 11am -5pm


10:30-11             Welcome and coffee

11-12:30              Henry Somers-Hall (Royal Holloway) and Jeffrey Bell (SELU)

12:30-1:30           Lunch (provided)

2-3:30                  Helen Palmer (Goldsmiths) and Daniel W. Smith (Purdue)

3:30-3:45              Coffee

3:45-5                  James Williams (Dundee) and Andrew Mcdonald (Dundee)

Each talk will be around 20 to 30 minutes leaving plenty of time for discussion around the workshop theme. Some of the presentations will be closely linked to the A Thousand Plateaus project while others will connect more indirectly.


Open to all, but please register with James Williams Contact: James Williams
How to find the room (search Dalhousie):

Travel to the university:

The SCCP is grateful for funding from Scots Philosophical Association and Dundee AHRI


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