The Book

An edited collection, based on the workshops, will be published in 2016. Here is the abstract:

While Deleuze considered his later collaborations with Guattari to surpass his earlier sole authored works, the reception of Deleuze’s thought in the Anglophone philosophical world has been almost exclusively in terms of his early work. A Thousand Plateaus and Philosophy will bring a renewed focus on the philosophical significance of Deleuze and Guattari’s later work bring bringing together some of the leading scholars of it to collaboratively develop a close reading of their most important work: A Thousand Plateaus. Each contributor will address a different plateau, relating Deleuze and Guattari’s own text to their own specific philosophical interests. The collection will combine the virtues of an introduction to the work with deep scholarship from those at the forefront of research on Deleuze and Guattari.


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